Experience it. There is more to a workshop than sitting and listening. A Workshop - especially one of the senses - needs to stir that something inside of you that is longing to taste life.
  • Weekend Workshop

    THAT is Drink. Eat. Write. Not your average Writing Workshop. It will make you a better storyteller. It will give you the tools to make everything stand out – whether you are writing copy or creating a blockbuster, selling and marketing a brand or brushing up on rusty inspiration. THIS will give you freedom to write everything you’ve trapped inside. And that is just Day 1!!!
  • DAY Workshop

    WHAT: What will you learn? Writers will learn how to express themselves, utilize the 5 senses, learn the art of story telling by understanding the art of observation, the importance of taking notes, learning how to better communicate ideas, and above all - gain the knowledge and skill to create work that is unique to you AND marketable.